4 Healthy Living Habits I’ve Recently Adopted

Recently I calculated my "real age" through one of the life expectancy assessments.

I was pleased to see that I'm expected to live to the ripe old age of 104 -- if I continue the same healthy lifestyle choices I currently practice.

Some of the healthy choices that contribute to longevity are obvious -- wearing a seat belt, not smoking, putting on sunscreen, and not parking on railroad tracks. These have been pretty easy for me to accomplish.

But not all of my healthy lifestyle choices have been so intuitive for me. I can remember times in my 20's when a Wendy's burger and fries was a staple meal for me. And even when I learned more about health and fitness as an adult, I've had my addictions to processed foods, deli meats, and sugar. I did take exercise seriously until I was in my late thirties, and even then it was a spotty commitment.

As I've become more educated about health and fitness, and as I've reached midlife and want to improve my longevity, I've become more serious and engaged in making healthy choices.

Here are four healthy living habits I've recently incorporated into my routine that have made a difference both in how I feel and my potential for living a long and active life: (more…)

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