9 Small Healthy Habits To Kickstart Big Change

healthy habits

I know from personal experience that the hardest part of any endeavor is just getting started.

You've probably experienced this challenge as well. Whether you want to pay your bills, go for a run, or clean your house, just getting out of your chair and taking that first action feels so herculean. The mental battle against inertia and dread is exhausting, so you give up before you ever start.

What if you could do something to quickly overcome those negative feelings, so that first step isn't so daunting? In my own work on forming habits, I've found you can bypass most of the dread and inertia by making the first action really, really easy.

In fact, the first action can be so easy that it feels ridiculous NOT to perform it. And when you give yourself permission to stick with that easy first action as long as you need to, then you eliminate the fear of failing or giving up too soon.

It's actually vital to your success in creating a habit that you stick with the easy actions for a week or more before you make it harder or add more time. You want to first establish a regular routine of performing the habit, even if it's for just a minute or so.

With any new habit, you'll need to attach the habit to a trigger -- a previously established daily habit like brushing your teeth or making your morning coffee. Perform your new habit immediately after the trigger. This helps remind you to perform the new habit and cements it by connecting it to something you do automatically.

In the meantime, let's take a look at 9 healthy habits you can begin right away to kickstart big life change:


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