7 Wake Up Early Secrets That Get You Out of Bed

Wake Up Early

Alerted by the beeping of my alarm clock, I groan slightly, knowing another day is just seconds from starting.

This has been my life for years. Every day. Every morning. The thought of waking up in the morning can be oh so dreadful.

Taking a break and just sleeping in is always the better option right? Probably not.

For the night owls who hate rolling out of bed early in the morning, there is hope on the horizon. I would know -- I used to be one!

There are many compelling reasons to get up early, grab a coffee, and start the day like an average human being. Taking care of our family or ourselves by working at a job is an obvious reason, but the benefits of early rising can't be understated.

Early risers . . .

  • Tend to be more successful in school and work.
  • Sustain a healthier diet, as they don't generally skip breakfast.
  • Are more productive, as they have more waking work hours and less interruptions early in the morning.
  • Tend to be more confident and action-oriented.
  • Experience less stress and morning anxiety since they aren't rushed.
  • Have more time to exercise and stay fit.
  • Have better sleep quality, as waking up early promotes a normal sleep schedule.

These are all excellent reasons to get up earlier, but rousing yourself from your warm, cozy bed is easier said than done. Even for the most disciplined, you need a solid strategy to shift your ingrained morning habit of lounging in bed until the last minute.

Here are 7 secrets on how to wake up early:


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