Finding Your Passion By Simplifying Your Life

Finding Your PassionIf we were to refine our lives to the top five most important components, I think we’d all come up with the same five.

Our relationships

Our health

Our home

Our work

Living authentically

When these five are available to us and functioning optimally, we truly possess all we need to live a happy and passionate life. Material possessions, money, prestige — these… Continue Reading…

Empathic Listening: 8 Strategies For Compassionate Communication

Empathic ListeningOne of the most valuable personal growth skills we can learn is empathic listening.

It’s a skill that not only serves others, but also one that stretches us to become more loving, compassionate, and patient people. It’s an important skill to master both for your personal and professional interactions.

Maybe you’re a person others… Continue Reading…

Summer Vacation Ideas: 4 Soul-Stirring Destinations

Summer Vacation Ideas

I love taking vacations that are truly vacations — where you feel rested and enlivened rather than over-scheduled and wrung out.

I’ve traveled a lot in the last few years, and I’ve found the best vacations for me are those that combine natural beauty, outdoor activities, great food, and interesting… Continue Reading…

8 Strategies for Overcoming Shame

Overcoming Shame“Shame is a soul eating emotion.” – C.G. Jung

I have felt shame. You have felt it too.

It’s that emotion when you want to tuck yourself into a tight little ball, roll into dark corner, and disappear. You are the bad little girl or boy who is unworthy, unlovable, and cast out.

Shame feels like you’ve… Continue Reading…

9 Small Healthy Habits To Kickstart Big Change

healthy habitsI know from personal experience that the hardest part of any endeavor is just getting started.

You’ve probably experienced this challenge as well. Whether you want to pay your bills, go for a run, or clean your house, just getting out of your chair and taking that first action feels so herculean. The mental… Continue Reading…

50 Mindfulness Quotes To Inspire Present Moment Awareness

mindfulness quotesAround the time I turned forty, I discovered I could draw. I’d never had any artistic talent, or at least I didn’t think so, but it all came bubbling to the surface at midlife.

I’d read a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and it inspired me to give drawing a try…. Continue Reading…

10 Ways To Snap Out Of Apathy

snap out of apathyIf there’s such a thing as a “belly-up” emotion, apathy fits the bill.

Apathy is actually defined as the absence of emotion.

It’s white noise. Dead air. You feel like a chunk of flavorless tofu. Not happy. Not sad. Not angry. And certainly not passionate.

You’ve probably heard people say they knew they were out of… Continue Reading…