What Should I Do With My Life? 12 Steps To Finding The Answer

What Should I Do with My Life?In my 49th year, I started to unravel. I had no idea what I should do with my life.

Prior to that year, my destiny had been relatively clear. I knew I wanted to go to college, find a good job, and settle down to raise a family. I was driven by the primary… Continue Reading…

The Benefits Of A Standing Desk And Why You Must Get Off Your Butt

Benefits of a Standing DeskI do a lot of sitting with my work.

My entire business is online, and I spend the vast majority of my work day on my computer.

The studies that have come out in the last few years about the health dangers of sitting so much have really started to bother me. Research… Continue Reading…

Becoming A Writer: Why You Absolutely Must Have Good Writing Skills

Becoming A Writer

I write six days a week an average of 3000 or more words a day.

This writing includes blog posts, books I’m working on, as well as materials for self-improvement courses I create. That adds up to about 936,400 words a year.

According to Amazon’s Text Stats feature, the median length for all books is about… Continue Reading…

INFJ Relationships: 8 Reasons They Are Extraordinary And Powerful

INFJ RelationshipsI’ve always been fascinated by the Myers Briggs personality types, and I frequently use the type assessment in my work as a coach and self-improvement teacher.

Your personality type definitely influences how you relate to other people, and understanding your type can make a huge difference in your choice of friends and romantic partners, as well… Continue Reading…

10 Steps To Writing Your First Book

Steps to Writing Your Book

Whether you’re a professional, a blogger, a consultant, a homemaker, a retiree, or anything else — you should write a book.

Now before you think, “I can’t write. What would I write about? Who’d want to read anything I’ve written?” — please hear me out. I never thought I’d write or publish books either,… Continue Reading…

Shock And Awe: The Death Of Online Legend Scott Dinsmore

Scott DinsmoreI lost a friend this weekend.

The world lost a vibrant, amazing, passionate teacher and thought leader.

Scott Dinsmore was the creator of the blog Live Your Legend and had a worldwide presence with his LYL communities in cities across the globe.

Scott and his wife Chelsea have been on a spectacular around the… Continue Reading…

40 Hobbies For Women To Strengthen Your Brain And Body

Hobbies for WomenI’ve been doing research recently for an upcoming book on digital decluttering and spending less time online.

One thing I learned is that we spend an average of about 23 hours a week on email, texting and social media. That’s a full day on your digital devices — and that doesn’t count the time you… Continue Reading…