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Hi, I'm Barrie Davenport, I'm a best-selling author, personal coach and self-improvement teacher. I've worked with so many people struggling with emotional abuse. I've heard stories of heartbreak, confusion, and shame from people desperate to end the abuse and longing for a real relationship -- one of trust, love, and intimacy.

That's why I created this free resources page. I hope you find it helpful.


Answer the "yes" or "no" questions and get an explanation that relates to your score.

45 More Signs of Emotional Abuse

Read the 45 More Signs of Emotional Abuse. Also, you can read the original 30 Signs of Emotional Abuse article which has been viewed over 2 million times.

Advice From 65 Survivors of Emotional Abuse

Read the words of wisdom and advice from 65 emotional abuse survivors.

The Emotional Abuse Breakthrough Course

A private online course for those needing immediate help in dealing with an emotional abuser.