20 Life-Changing Books From My Favorite Bloggers

life changing books

I can't understate the profound impact books have had on my own personal growth.

Authors like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and Brene Brown have led me to life-altering shifts in my world view. They have given me invaluable tools for overcoming life's inevitable difficulties and for finding real and lasting happiness.

Embracing the power of the present moment, learning to question my own thoughts, and discovering practical life skills are all abilities I've honed through reading the works of many talented thought leaders over the years.

As a personal development blogger, I've also had the pleasure of engaging with hundreds of other bloggers and online experts. I've partnered with some on courses. I've written for their blogs, and they've written for mine. And I've created some invaluable friendships with people around the world who are some of the most talented personal development writers I've ever read.

As the self-publishing industry has exploded, more and more of these bloggers have been able to share their wisdom and life changing insights with the world through their books. I want to share some of my favorites with you.

Here are 20 life-changing books from some of my favorite bloggers and authors: