8 Ways Introverts Can Develop a Strong Personality

strong personality

I have a confession to make; I’m an introvert.

Sometimes I come across as cold, uninterested, or quiet.

The truth is, I’m taking in my surroundings before I choose to engage. I’m not anti-social. I just want to make sure when we talk, I can create a meaningful connection with you.

That’s because I’m a quality over quantity type of guy.

Have you ever walked into a social gathering event and met that one person who is so outgoing and charismatic, everyone is drawn to him or her like moths to a flame?

Maybe you thought to yourself, “I wish I could be like that.”

Well that used to be me. I’m the youngest of five, the baby of the family. Growing up my parents never pushed me to be social. Instead, they kept me home and sheltered me as much as possible. To them, being at home meant I was safe.

I didn’t start coming into my own until my thirties. That’s when I got serious about building the life I wanted to live and not what others expected of me. I also learned to embrace being an introvert and use its unique traits to build a strong personality.

Some people think having a strong personality means that you are over the top, bullish, and intimidating.

I like to think otherwise. To me having a strong personality as an introvert means having a quiet confidence. I don’t fight to be seen; I am seen because I fight.

Here are eight ways introverts can develop a strong personality too.


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