10 Stages Of A Relationship From Hello to Goodbye

Stages of a RelationshipMost love relationships begin, develop, and even unravel without our being fully aware of what’s going on.

Especially at the beginning.

We meet someone, feel an initial attraction, and then if everything lines up as it should, we are swept away in a torrent of chemically-driven emotions that blind us to anything but the intense… Continue Reading…

INFJ Relationships: 8 Reasons They Are Extraordinary And Powerful

INFJ RelationshipsI’ve always been fascinated by the Myers Briggs personality types, and I frequently use the type assessment in my work as a coach and self-improvement teacher.

Your personality type definitely influences how you relate to other people, and understanding your type can make a huge difference in your choice of friends and romantic partners, as well… Continue Reading…

How To Save Your Marriage

How to Save a MarriageLet me state upfront that I wasn’t able to save mine.

After more than 20 years together, and with three amazing children, my former husband and I ended up apart.

Divorce is not a happy option most of the time. It is gut-wrenching and painful and should be entered into after serious and lengthy consideration… Continue Reading…

201 Relationship Questions: Build Trust And Intimacy With My New Book

Relationship QuestionsAre you married or in a committed relationship?

Do you desire a close, emotionally intimate, loving connection with your partner or spouse?

If so, creating this relationship is one of the best things you can do for your overall happiness and satisfaction in life. According to a study published in the December 2011 edition of… Continue Reading…

30 Powerful Getting To Know You Questions

Getting to Know You QuestionsCan you remember back when you were a small child, even before you started school? Do you remember all of the questions you asked of the adults around you?

Why does the moon have a face? Why is the grass green? Does ice cream taste the same to you as it does to me?

You… Continue Reading…

20 Ways To Find Your Soulmate

How to Find Your SoulmateI used to think it was really dopey.

A soulmate? Really??

You’d occasionally spot those long-term couples still looking all goggly-eyed at each other and wonder what they were smoking. I mean, come on, relationships are hard work. At least that was my experience (and the experience of most of the couples I knew).

Walk into… Continue Reading…

22 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

signs of an unhealthy relationship

Abraham Lincoln was a great president but not a very happy man.

Aside from dealing with the Civil War, coping with the death of two of his sons, and suffering bouts of depression, he and Mary Lincoln had a very unhealthy marriage.

Mary was known to be self-centered, eccentric, prone to outbursts of temper, jealous,… Continue Reading…