8 Ways To Cope In Abusive Relationships

Abusive Relationships

You can't believe you're in this situation.

How did it happen?

Everything was so great in the beginning. You were so in love. You were such a great couple together.

But then things started to change.

The cruel comments. The controlling behaviors. The subtle threats.

The one person in the world who is supposed to love you the most, who's supposed to have your back and be your closest confidant, is emotionally abusing you.

At first you didn't know what was happening. Maybe you thought it was your fault. You hoped it was just an off week, or month, or year. But as time has gone by, you see a consistent pattern of abusive words and behaviors that have worn down your self-esteem and undermined your mental health.

Part of you wants to run away from your spouse or partner, so you never have to deal with the pain, anger, and heartbreak again. Another part of you holds on to the hope that things will change, your partner will see the light and become the loving, charming, kind person he or she was at the beginning of your relationship.

Right now, you're not sure what to do, but you know things can't keep going on as they are going.

You feel trapped and stuck. Too afraid to leave, too wounded to stay. It feels like no matter what decision you make, the consequences are unbearable. If you leave, you might risk your financial security. Your kids might suffer. You might never find someone else.

But if you stay, you might lose your sanity.

How do you cope when you are stuck like this? How do you get through the days and deal with an emotional abuser who makes your life so difficult and painful?

Abusive relationships undermine our inner judgment, self-confidence, and decision-making abilities. When you are in a relationship like this, every move you make feels like a potential landmine.

You need some strategies to help you cope and manage the abuse so you can build your inner strength and make the best decisions for the future.

Here are 8 ways to cope and reclaim your power in abusive relationships:


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