10 Books On Mindfulness That Are Life-Altering

Books On Mindfulness

I don't say this lightly.

In fact, there are very few personal growth trends that I would describe this way -- although this "trend" has been around for thousands of years.

So here is my proclamation: the practice of mindfulness is life-altering.

And it's trending.

Businesses are promoting it as a way to promote focus, creativity, and productivity. Schools are using it in classroom settings and as a substitute for detention.

Even the military has incorporated mindfulness to help soldiers with stress reduction and pain management.

My own practices of mindfulness have significantly changed my outlook on life, shifted my priorities, and helped me manage stress and anxiety.

Why the recent surge in interest in this ancient practice? Mainly because scientists have been conducting a tremendous amount of research on mindfulness meditation practice.

Researchers are confirming the myriad of benefits that mindfulness practitioners have been advocating for ages, dating back to the Hindu traditions of Vedantism around 1500 BCE.

They have found that mindfulness meditation helps people overcome many health-related issues including stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, substance abuse, and depression.

The practice also helps people enhance mental capabilities like creativity, abstract thinking, and memory.

Mindfulness is a broad description that incorporates many types of meditation, as well as other practices like yoga, breathing, and practicing awareness and focus in everything you do.

Simply being present and attentive in your work, relationships, and even the basic tasks of your day can boost your sense of gratitude, joy, and contentment in life.

If you need more convincing that mindfulness is life-altering, check out this mindfulness post. But if you're ready to explore the practice, I've got some great books for you.

Here are 10 books on mindfulness that will change your life. (more…)

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