Financial Freedom: How To Be CFO Of Your Own Life

Financial freedomI admit I don’t enjoy managing money.

I get no thrill from scrutinizing my investments, analyzing the stock market, and pondering ways to make my money work for me. I definitely don’t enjoy paying bills, creating spreadsheets, and tracking expenses.

Money has always felt abstract to me. The majority of it sits somewhere in a… Continue Reading…

The Hidden Barrier to Financial Security

Captive behind steel-wireDo you fear not having enough money?

Most of us do.

Even people who have plenty of money are afraid of losing it or not making enough.

These fears are tied to a very basic need for freedom and security. But they are also tied to a belief that money is a scarce resource. This has… Continue Reading…

A Money Mindfulness Intensive: 7 Days to A New Attitude

iStock_000013020109SmallIf you are reading this post, you have a computer or iPad or smart phone — or at least access to one of these.

This tells me a few things about you without even knowing you.

First, you are clearly intelligent and curious. And I’m not saying this because you are reading my particular post…. Continue Reading…

How Would You Change the World with $100?

WDS photoLast weekend I was in Portland, Oregon at the World Domination Summit.

No, this was not a conference for evil masterminds who want to rule the world.

It was a weekend convergence of 1000 people from all over the world who want to live unconventionally, follow their passions, and make a meaningful difference… Continue Reading…

26 Ways to Create More Cash In 6 Months

iStock_000003238794SmallIs money tight for you right now?

I guess that’s a silly question considering the state of the economy and the fact that entire countries (Greece and Italy to name two) are about to belly-up.

Even if things are going OK for you financially, just the general anxiety about the economy and our financial future… Continue Reading…

How Blogging Can Rock Your World

iStock_000006933404SmallUp until the last two years, I spent a lot of time kvetching with my friends and family about how the Internet was going to morph people into anti-social, glazed over automatons.

I was sure nothing good could come from spending hours on the computer, connecting with bloggers online, and socializing without the benefit of an actual human being… Continue Reading…

Make Money Blogging: If I Can Do It, So Can You

iStock_000010013686SmallThe other day I sent out an e-mail to my regular subscribers (if you aren’t one, I’d  love you tojoin us). I wanted to share some personal information about myself and my experiences as  a life coach and one who makes money blogging.

Several people wrote back asking me how to start a Continue Reading…