Summer Vacation Ideas: 4 Soul-Stirring Destinations

Summer Vacation Ideas

I love taking vacations that are truly vacations — where you feel rested and enlivened rather than over-scheduled and wrung out.

I’ve traveled a lot in the last few years, and I’ve found the best vacations for me are those that combine natural beauty, outdoor activities, great food, and interesting… Continue Reading…

How To Simplify Your Life: 50 Actions To Foster Peace And Contentment

Simplify Your LifeSpecial Note: This week bestselling author Steve Scott and I launch a new book called “10 Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your Home.” Click here to get special pricing.

As I’m writing this post, I’m in the process of moving.

I’ve lived in the same house for nearly twenty years, and now my… Continue Reading…

Change Your Life By Becoming Your Own CEO

Change Your LifeThere have been periods in my life when I was unhappy and flailing.

Sometimes outside circumstances were the cause of my unhappiness — the death of a loved one, an unexpected and unwanted life change, or the painful behaviors of people close to me. Many of these outside events occurred in my youth or… Continue Reading…

60 Fun Things To Do On The Weekend

Fun Things To Do This WeekendHere in Atlanta, the weather is starting to turn. The sun is out. The temperature is warmer. And with Daylight Savings Time, the days are longer.

After a long winter of dreary weather, lots of snow, and time cooped up inside, it feels like spring is finally around the corner. This is the time… Continue Reading…

5 Holiday Traditions You Should Absolutely Break

Nutcracker-2009-8-Marya-Photo-by-C.-McCullers-Courtesy-of-Atlanta-BalletThe holiday season is all about traditions.

Every family has their own.

We have a tradition in our house that the kids get pajamas every year for Christmas, and they always open them Christmas Eve to sleep in that night. Since my daughters are dancers, going to their Nutcracker performances has always been part of… Continue Reading…

Your Strengths and Weaknesses: Where Should You Focus?

Your Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the main reasons we have a hard time creating the happy, passionate life we desire is because we are so highly-focused on our weaknesses and how we’ve screwed up in the past.

Failing, doing something poorly, being chastised for messing up, seeing others perform far better than we have –… Continue Reading…

10 Amazing Books I’ve Recently Read That You Will Love

reading kindleEver since I received my Kindle last year for Mother’s Day, I’ve doubled the number of books I read.

I never, ever thought I would find reading on a Kindle more enjoyable than holding a real book, but (gasp) I’m finding it to be true. It’s easier to hold, the type is easier… Continue Reading…