How To Change Your Life When You Feel Stuck

How to Change Your Life

Several years ago, I felt completely stuck.

My oldest child had left home to pursue her dream of being a ballet dancer, and my role as a mom was winding down. My career in public relations felt stale and dissatisfying. I was at loose ends, not knowing who I was supposed to be or what I was meant to do. I felt a constant anxiety, restlessness, and longing for something I couldn't describe. It was like the rumblings of a volcano before it erupts.

At the time, I kept a journal of stream of consciousness thoughts, and one day I wrote the words, "Your life will be turned upside down and inside out. Everything old will be new again, and everything new will be old." I had no idea how prophetic those words would be.

Over the course of the next few years, I would go back to school to get a coaching certification, leave my public relations career, start a brand new business, build several blogs, create several courses, and write several books. All three of my kids graduated and headed off to college, leaving me as a full-fledged empty nester. My marriage unraveled and ended, as well as some of my friendships.

I later met a wonderful new life partner, a man whom I'd describe as a soulmate. We work together in a home-based business with plenty of freedom and flexibility. I've traveled more in the last few years than in the entirety of all the previous years. I got rid of many of my possessions, and sold my home in Atlanta to move to Asheville, North Carolina, a city that is a perfect fit for who I am and the lifestyle I want. We're living in a cool in-town bungalow while waiting for a new house to be built. We are meeting new friends, and enjoying nature and healthy activities every day. I'm surround by beauty, interesting people, and amazing food!

I can honestly say in the last five years, I've change my life entirely. I am living my passion and feel a level of contentment and joy I didn't believe possible. But . . . it didn't come without a lot of effort, fear, confusion, and emotional upheaval. Change is like that. It forces you to face your truths and make difficult decisions.

I have learned a lot about change through my personal experience, as well as through my work as a coach and self-development teacher. I forged a rugged path to find my life passion, but it doesn't have to be as rugged for you if you have some guidance and support. You can move from the life you have now to the life you dream of living without too much upheaval if you have a plan and a bit of courage.

Here's how to change your life and find your passion when you feel stuck:


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