41 Things To Let Go From Your Life Before The New Year

Things to Let Go

This upcoming New Year could be the best you’ve ever had.

This could be the year when you accomplish more than you ever imagined.

This could be the year when you finally feel content.

This  could be the year when your relationships are happy and strong.

This could be the year when you feel great about yourself.

When a New Year approaches, we start pondering how we can improve. What new habits do we need to develop? What goals should we set? What should we add to our lives to make them better?

Having goals and developing good habits are valuable endeavors, but sometimes it’s more important to consider what you need to let go of rather than what you need to add to your life.

One of the reasons it’s so hard to follow through on habits and goals is because we have mindsets, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that block our success.

Then we feel worse about ourselves, heaping on more negativity and resistance to change.

You have a few more weeks before January 1. What if you used those weeks to release what’s preventing  you from starting the New Year with a bang?

Here are 41 things to let go of before the New Year:

1. Spending too much.

The holiday season is the time when our credit cards get worn out from over use. By late January, we’re feeling buyer’s remorse and wondering why we felt so compelled to spend so much. Set a budget for yourself now and stick to it so you don’t feel guilty and overwhelmed just as the New Year gets started.

2. Overindulging with food and alcohol.

You don’t have to overindulge in food and alcohol just because it’s there. Make a mindful decision about how you want to nourish your body during the season so you don’t feel you’re already behind in your eating or fitness goals for the New Year. Keep a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables available so you always have a choice. Also, keep some bottles of sparkling water and limes handy to have instead of a cocktail. (more…)

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