No Motivation? 7 Ways To Overcome Your Lack Of Motivation

No motivation

A guest post by Kayla Matthews

It seems like the only habits that stick are the ones we wish we could break: smoking, checking phones every 27 seconds, or using the words “awesome” or “literally” in every sentence.

Good habits are hard to build and bad habits are hard to break. Make a resolution to eat a good breakfast every morning before you leave for work, and by the end of the week you’re back at your favorite coffee shop grabbing a latte and a donut for the commute. You have no motivation to stick to your goals or follow through on the promises you make to yourself.

Setting good goals doesn’t absolutely require motivation. You can begin a goal without it, and often motivation will follow. But if you can harness motivation before you begin, you will supercharge your efforts, making it much easier for you to achieve your goal.

What happens when motivation itself isn’t a habit? There isn’t a medication that can be prescribed to help you get motivated. So what do you do? 

If you have no motivation, here are seven ways to overcome your lack of motivation:


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