Blogging Tips: 5 Mistakes To Avoid Before You Start A Blog

Blogging Tips

One of the best ways to share your passion with the world and enjoy it yourself is through blogging.

Blogging is the foundation of my business and has allowed me to make a great income, connect with people around the world, and express and my passionate work in a variety of creative ways.

If you have found your passion or think you know what it might be, blogging about it and sharing great content with readers is becoming more and more of a necessity in the business world — for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations.

In fact according to Hanley-Wood Business Media, 78% of chief marketing officers think custom content is the future of marketing.

If you doubt whether or not you can connect with people interested in what you have to say, think about this: in 2013 about 128 million people in the US alone were blog readers. (Source: MyMarketingDept.)

About 91% of all people on earth own a mobile phone, and 50% of mobile phone users use mobile as their primary Internet source. And 80% of mobile users plan to conduct a mobile purchase in the next 12 months. (Source:Super Monitoring)

Take a look at these additional blog related statistics pulled together by

  • 77% of internet users read blogs
  • 70% of consumers have learned about a company based on articles rather than ads
  • Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads
  • 81% of US consumers trust advice and information from blogs
  • 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post

It is clear that having a blog is a critical platform for either building a business or promoting an existing one. So if you haven’t considered creating a blog yourself, now is the time to give it some serious thought.

Even if you aren’t sure what your passion is, blogging can help you find your passion. But before you even begin to build your blog, it’s important to know some of the common mistakes to avoid from the get-go.

Here are five blogging tips to help you start your blog on the right foot.


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