How to Make Big, Bold, Wildly Exciting Things Happen in Your Life

iStock_000006779992SmallYou’re going to think this is a weird way to begin this article when you read what I write next, but bear with me. You’ll see the relevance shortly.

Sometimes in the morning when I’m taking a shower, and it’s cold in the house, I can stand under the warm water forever. It feels… Continue Reading…

How To Use The Next 4 Weeks To Do Something Life-Changing In 2013

Brunette woman with maple leavesDecember is a crazy little month.

It is a month of highs and lows. Stress and relaxation. Endings and beginnings.

The build-up to the holidays is a mixed bag of joy in the season, anxiety over money, closeness with family, sadness over loss, stress and over-commitments, relaxation with time off from work, over-indulgence with food,… Continue Reading…

Registration for The Simple Self-Confidence Course

iStock_000009482490SmallYou asked for it. And now it’s here.

Back in the fall, I sent a few questions to all of my readers asking what personal development issues would most interest you for a course. The resounding response was self-confidence.

Along with Erin Falconer of the mega personal development blog Pick the Brain, I… Continue Reading…

Wishing You Amazing Peace

Winter parkMy dear friends, I hope this holiday season has been filled with joy for you.

I hope you have connected with family and friends but also have found time for quiet reflection and continued growth in becoming the person you want to be.

The seeds of all positive change begin with the creative process of… Continue Reading…

You Are Invited! A Free Self-Confidence Webinar

Woman with laptop.At some point in our lives, all of us have suffered a crisis of confidence.

Whether it was a situational issue or a lingering dark cloud of insecurity, a self-confidence problem holds us back from living fully — from living a bold and fearless life.

Many people believe that a lack of self-confidence is an… Continue Reading…

20 Simple Ways to Stoke Your Self-Confidence

PracticeOnce upon a time there was a small child known as you.

This child was born into the world pure and perfect, aware only of its own needs. If those needs were met, if someone held you, fed you, kept you safe and warm, your world was perfect.

Even as you got a bit older,… Continue Reading…

How to Take Control with Confidence

Portrait of the young womanDo you ever feel like your mind has a mind of it’s own?

Does it seem like it plays tricks on you, behaving against your higher judgement or desires?

I’ve been suffering from a tricky mind for the last few weeks, but I finally turned the trick around on my wily mind and took control…. Continue Reading…