10 Shocking Revelations from a Personal Coach

iStock_000006832768SmallWorking as a personal and career coach, I’ve learned more about human nature than is likely revealed on a therapist’s couch or in psychology textbooks.

The most profound epiphany for me is how people will pay good money to prepare for positive change, but when it comes to actually  changing, only… Continue Reading…

Relationship Questions To Ask For Intimacy

iStock_000012287486SmallAll problems in relationships boil down to one thing: lack of communication.

Whether our concerns relate to money, sex, kids, affection, career or any of the various reasons we fight or get angry, when we don’t communicate our needs and discuss our differences, things will inevitably break down. You’ve been there. So have… Continue Reading…

20 Ways to Stretch Yourself

people at the gym“Sound when stretched is music. Movement when stretched is dance. Mind when stretched is meditation. Life when stretched is celebration.” ~Shri Shri Ravishankar Jee

Editor’s Note: I originally wrote this article for Pick the Brain.

How much do you want from life? Right now, stop for a moment… Continue Reading…

5 Things the Spanish Can Teach Us About Living Well and Having Fun

Old Town Marbella“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” ~Marcel Proust

If you have ever traveled out of the country, think for a moment about what you brought back with you — other than souvenirs or a stomach bug. What did you learn… Continue Reading…

How My Blog Bloomed Boldly in Just 4 Months and Yours Can Too

Woman with laptop.

Want to learn how to be a blogger? Here’s how I went from being a computer illiterate to a blogging success in just a few months.

Editor’s Note: This post originally ran as a case study for the A List Blogging Bootcamps.

Your blog can and will grow.

But just like a garden or… Continue Reading…

How to Simplify When You Really Love Your Stuff

iStock_000001182991Small“It all depends on whether you have things, or they have you.” ~Robert A. Cook

Editor’s Note:This post originally ran as a guest post by Barrie Davenport on Zen Habits.

Simplicity. It is a lovely ancient spiritual tradition that has seen a recent resurgence in… Continue Reading…

5 Rules for Relationship Peace

iStock_000011553916SmallThis is a guest post by Hugh DeBurgh

Dear Friend,

It was an ugly scene.

She had just thrown something at the wall.  I could tell from the sound that it did some damage.  For a second I imagined that sound being my head.  And I wondered how we had gotten to this point.

It was a… Continue Reading…