New Book Release: How to Recognize the Patterns of Narcissism, Manipulation, and Control

Signs of Emotional Abuse

New Book Release Today:  Signs of Emotional Abuse: How to Recognize the Patterns of Narcissism, Manipulation, and Control in Your Love Relationship

Do you know the signs of emotional abuse in a relationship?

Do you wonder if your partner's behavior is acceptable or normal?

You may not have a black eye. You haven't been pushed or slapped. You haven't had to call the police. But something feels very, very wrong in your intimate relationship. You just can't put your finger on it.

Victims of emotional abuse are often confused about their partner's behaviors.

“Is this really abuse?”

“Could it be my fault?”

“Maybe it will change.”

Your partner has a way of reinforcing your self-doubt, turning the tables on you to make you feel crazy, selfish, and unlovable.

Emotional abuse may be hard to identify and understand, but it's as devastating to a relationship as physical abuse is. It can damage your self-esteem, sense of identify, and even your mental health.

Your partner might use mind games, control, verbal abuse, and other narcissistic traits to keep you off balance and afraid.

He or she wants to keep you in a state of confusion and anxiety so you won't speak up or take control of your life.

The first step toward improving your situation is knowing what you're dealing with. Once you recognize the signs of emotional abuse, you can create new boundaries and responses to your partner's behavior and make informed decisions about your life moving forward.

That's why I've written my latest book: Signs of Emotional Abuse: How to Recognize the Patterns of Narcissism, Manipulation, and Control in Your Love Relationship.

In Signs of Emotional Abuse, you'll learn:

  • 9 common patterns of emotional abuse
  • 125 specific emotionally abusive behaviors
  • 7 critical questions to ask yourself about your abusive partner
  • The next steps after you identify emotional abuse by your partner
  • The best support resources to help you move forward

Signs of Emotional Abuse will help you identify the covert tactics used by emotional abusers to help you quickly recognize them in your daily life.

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Learn the Signs, Change Your Life

If you want to improve your love relationship and reclaim your rightful place as an equal partner, you need to know what you're dealing with and how it's impacting you.

You might wonder if your partner's behaviors really qualify as abuse, but if you feel anxious, hurt, and confused — then the odds are high that abuse is part of the equation.

You may think the abusive language and controlling  behaviors will eventually disappear — but your abuser won't change unless you demand it.

As scary as it may feel to address your partner's emotional abuse, you will feel far more empowered when you know with certainty that the behaviors are not normal or acceptable.

Once you learn the signs of emotional abuse, you have the power to change your life for the better.