What Is Mindfulness? Find Out In My New Book

peace of mindfulness

I suffered with it for years.

At times it was debilitating.

Sometimes it made me physically ill.

I’m sure there are times when you deal with it too.

Stress and anxiety. The feeling of overwhelm. A racing heart. Unexplained dread. Looping thoughts. Panicky feelings. Exhaustion.

Life IS stressful. All of the normal, everyday stimuli, demands, and deadlines alone create plenty of anxiety. Piled on top of that, I created even more stress by demanding too much from myself and then feeling stressed about my anxiety. I just kept layering it on, blind to how I was manufacturing much of my own suffering.

Not until I got serious about a mindfulness practice was I able to find a sustainable exit ramp from anxiety. I still have stress, and there are still times I feel anxious. But now I have an evidence-based practice I can return to at any moment of the day to regain equanimity and get back into the flow of joyful experience.

The practice of mindfulness has not only loosened the grip of anxiety, but also it’s given me a deeper awareness of myself and a way to be a creator of my life rather than a reactor to it. When I discover something so life-changing, of course I can’t wait to share it with you!

I’ve never been so excited to share a personal growth path as I am with my latest book:

Peace of Mindfulness: Everyday Rituals to Conquer Anxiety and Claim Unlimited Inner Peace

To celebrate the publication of the Kindle book, I’m offering it for just $.99 through Amazon’s KDP Select program for a few days. This special pricing helps the book rank well on Amazon, so if you purchase at this great price, it’s a win/win for both of us!

peace of mindfulness

#1 Bestseller on Amazon

Mindfulness is a topic that must resonate with many people. I’m thrilled my book has reached the #1 Bestseller in two categories on Amazon in the first few days of publication. It is so gratifying to know people are hungry for this information.

I think the reason the topic is intriguing is that it seems so simple — and in many ways it is. Mindfulness is usually thought of as meditation, and meditation is definitely a profound way to practice it. But mindfulness can be applied to all of the daily activities of your life — from washing your dishes to your exercise routine. It just involves a shift in your perceptions and a commitment to the practice. Once you become aware of the power of the present moment, it’s like you’re looking at life through a different lens.

Writing Peace of Mindfulness was thrilling for me because I’ve personally experienced the life-changing benefits of the practices. I understand how becoming conscious of the present moment and fully aware during every activity or encounter can transform you. The scientifically-proven benefits of a mindfulness practice are astounding, as you’ll read in the book. It impacts your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Can I Ask You A Small Favor?

Writing this book was a labor of love for me because I get so much pleasure sharing concepts and practices that I know actually work. There is so much self-improvement fluff online and in books — which might be inspiring but has little practical relevance or application to your daily life.

We all want results. We want real, sustainable change so we suffer less, experience happiness more often, and enjoy the experiences and relationships in our lives more fully. Mindfulness creates results. I know from personal experience, and study after study has proven it.

If this sounds intriguing to you, and you decide to purchase my book at this great price, would you please do me a small favor? Would you please go back to Amazon and leave a review of the book? You guys are my tribe and having these reviews would mean the world to me. This is evidence to all of those readers out there who don’t know me that this book offers value. Just a few sentences would be great.

Here’s a taste of what’s covered in the book:

    • The Powerful Benefits of Mindful Breathing
    • How to Tame the “Monkey Mind
    • Simple Mindfulness Meditation Practices
    • How Practicing “Flow” at Work Makes You Love Your Job
    • How to Use Visualization and Affirmations to Boost Brain Power
    • The Best Mindful Fitness Routines
    • How to Practice Journaling to Enhance Mindfulness
    • How to Make Mindfulness a Way of Life

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Japan ==> https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00QP9T5LA

As always, I’d love to hear from you personally about your experiences with mindfulness and what you think of the book. I’ll be writing more about this topic over time, and it would be great to share some of your stories with all of the Live Bold and Bloom community. Please click below to share on Facebook.


  1. Dear Barrie,

    I’m so inspired that mindfulness has given you so much relief as well as insight. I’ve been teaching mindfulness for more than 10 years and I’m always to thrilled to hear stories like this from students. Mindfulness is so helpful on a practical level and on a deeper level it can really put us in touch with our innermost essence.

    I wish you the very best with getting your book out!

  2. Barrie I’m so glad you are writing on this transformative topic. All the best with your new book. I just bought 2 copies( 1 for me and 1 to gift) for Kindle. When will the print book be available?

    • BarrieDavenport says:

      Hi Ron, thanks so much for your interest in the book! The print version will be available in the next few days. Keep checking back on Amazon.

  3. Barrie,

    My husband and I each bought your book and have already begun to reap the benefits! The stress of our busy lives was distracting us from what was really important. Peace of mind is often elusive, and I am grateful to you for providing this insightful book.

  4. Congrats Barrie on your new book. I will most definitely be reading and commenting on it. I have only recently become aware of the mindfulness through your blogs and am very interested.
    I have already started reaping the rewards of it and I am sure this book will give all the tools I need to practice it in it’s entirety.