Fear Of Failure: 7 Ways To Get Unstuck And Take Action

fear of failure

Ask yourself: what is standing in the way of finding your passion, reaching your goals, and living your dream?

Maybe your immediate answer is money, time, confusion, lack of skills, or low motivation. But if you’re really honest with yourself, it all boils down to fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of loss.

Fear of rejection.

Fear that you just don’t have what it takes to make it happen.

If you think you’re alone with these feelings, rest assured, you’re not. If you think the successful people around you possess some secret or unique genetic quality, they don’t.

Sure, there are those who might be more naturally confident or have opportunities and resources you don’t have. But then you might have qualities, skills, and resources they don’t possess.

So why is it that some people are able to reach their goals and dreams while others remain stuck? Are they fearless? Do they have a guarantee of success? The answer is no to both questions.

Fear and risk are inherent in virtually any endeavor. Every person on the planet feels some level of anxiety and self-doubt when they attempt to achieve their goals. However, those who ultimately succeed are able to do one thing that those who remain stuck aren’t able to do. (more…)

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