Pre-Holiday Sale: Get 3 Books For $.99 Each


Are you starting to think about holiday gifts? We’re just five weeks away from Christmas, and if you or the people on your gift list love self-improvement, this is a great week to stock up on my books.

I’m running a special Pre-Holiday $.99 Sale on three of my books:

  • Building Confidence: Get Motivated, Overcome Social Fear, Be Assertive, and Empower Your Life For Success
  • Sticky Habits: 6 Simple Steps to Create Good Habits that Stick
  • The 52-Week Life Passion Project: The Path to Uncover Your Life Passion

Between today and Wednesday, November 26, each of these Kindle books will be on sale for only $.99 (also in the U.K.). If you want to give a Kindle book as a gift, here’s what Amazon says to do:

“Most Kindle books available in the Kindle Store can be given as a gift to anyone with an e-mail address. Before you purchase a Kindle book as a gift, make sure that the e-mail address is valid and registered to the recipient’s Kindle device or reading app. Kindle book gift notifications can be sent to any e-mail address. The recipient can read the book on a registered Kindle device or any free Kindle reading application. You do not need a Kindle device to send or receive Kindle books as gifts.”

(Amazon doesn’t allow me to run this deal in countries outside of the U.S. and the U.K. If you don’t see the $.99 price in your country, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.)

Here’s more about the self-improvement books for $.99 . . . (more…)

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