Positive Thoughts: 10 Vital Reasons You Must Practice Them

positive thoughts

How often do you catch yourself in a positive thinking loop?

Are there days when your thoughts are so constantly positive, self-affirming, and confident that you feel upbeat and happy all day?

I’d bet the opposite scenario occurs far more often than the one I just described. I bet on any given day, you could catch yourself in a negative thinking loop, where your mind spirals down a rabbit hole of anger, jealously, fear, self-pity, or despair. The more you ponder the problem or painful situation, the further down the hole you descend — until your mood is completely tainted and your day is ruined.

You aren’t alone in these negative thinking benders. Everyone gets trapped in them, and they are stealthy and insidious. One small comment from someone, one bad memory, some minor unexpected problem can send us off on a mental nose dive from which it’s so difficult to recover.

Isn’t it ironic how we rarely get caught in positive thought loops? Imagine if one kind comment from someone, one good memory, some unexpected solution or victory resulted in the same mental engagement and emotional longevity as perceived negative events.

Why is it we become so much more ensnared in negative thoughts than we do in positive thoughts?


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fear of failure

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